Guys. This has got to stop.

A Doctor Who page I like on Facebook posted a photo that basically said it was shameful to not have watched the classics.

Then people made comments on it, saying a variety of things from “Then they’re not a true Whovian!” to “People who haven’t seen the classics are so thick minded.”

I for one have not seen the classics. Why? I have three reasons:
Because I wasn’t alive when they came out.
Because no one has access to all of them.
Because I’m perfectly happy with the information I have from the new series.

Calling someone who hasn’t seen the classics “not a true Whovian”
is like calling someone who doesn’t have a Pottermore “not a true Potterhead”. It’s mean, offensive, and quite frankly, makes those people look bad because they’re acting as though they’re better than others.

Yes, I think it’s important that Whovians know Russell T. Davies decided to bring back Doctor Who and that “Rose” is not the first ever episode. I think it’s important that Whovians acknowledge the fact that there were eight Doctors before Eccleston and that he is not One (Which most people do).

But it is not fair to sit there and call someone who hasn’t seen the classics an “untrue Whovian” or “just a fangirl/boy” or “a Tennant buttsniffer”. Everyone who likes Doctor Who in general is a Whovian, no matter how many episodes they’ve seen, how long they’ve been one, how much merchandise they have, or any of that. Those who think otherwise are only snobby jerks who are bullying their fellow fandommates.

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